MyChart Adolescent Access Terms and Conditions
Getting MyChart Access
I understand that:
* I am allowing my Pediatrician's office to share limited medical information about the patient through MyChart. This information is for my personal use
* Using MyChart is voluntary and I do not have to use MyChart
* It may take up to 10 business days for my MyChart account to become available to me
* MyChart does not contain all of my medical record. I can get a full copy of my medical record by contacting my pediatrician’s office
* The medical information provided on MyChart should not be used to replace proper medical attention
* MyChart may not be available to me all the time. This may be because of system failures, back-up
procedures, maintenance, or other causes. My Pediatrician's office does not promise that I will be able to access MyChart at any particular time
* When MyChart is not available I will use other methods (e.g., telephone) to contact my pediatrician's office
Types of Access
I understand that:
* I will be given MyChart Adolescent Access. This type of access gives patients over the age of 13 a MyChart account.
MyChart Adolescent Access Services
I understand that:
* MyChart should NEVER be used for emergency or urgent health care matters
* My Pediatrician's office will respond to all communications I send through MyChart within two business days
* With this account I can:
- Review, make or cancel appointments
- View portions of my medical record such as allergies, medications, histories, immunizations,
growth charts, problem lists and recent visit information
- Receive certain lab results
- Communicate with providers via secure messaging regarding health concerns
- Request prescription refills
- Pay bills
- Access links to other sites that will provide health information
MyChart Messages and Communications
I understand that:
* MyChart should NEVER be used for emergency or urgent health care matters
* My pediatrician’s office will respond to all communications I send through MyChart within two business days
* If my provider is out of the office or cannot reply to my message, my message may be sent to another of my pediatrician’s office provider
* Contents of any message may be stored in my medical record
* My pediatrician’s office may send me messages through MyChart and I will monitor and respond to these messages
* All messages sent to my pediatrician’s office through MyChart will be about my healthcare. Using MyChart to ask for advice for friends or family members is not allowed
Email Privacy
I understand that:
* I must give my pediatrician’s office a valid email address
* I will tell my pediatrician’s office about any changes to my email address
* I will be sent an email when there is new information on MyChart. No medical or personal health information will be in the email
Website Links
I understand that:
* MyChart may have links to medical Web sites not managed by my pediatrician’s office
* These Web site link(s) are for informational purposes only
* My pediatrician’s office does not endorse any of these web sites
* My pediatrician’s office has not verified the accuracy of the information on these Web sites
* I should not rely on any of the information found on these Web sites for treatment or diagnosis
Security and Confidentiality
I understand that:
* Federal and Massachusetts laws govern the confidentiality of medical information
* My pediatrician’s office follows their MyChart Policy and Procedure
* My pediatrician’s office has strict standards for employees to keep patient information confidential
* My pediatrician’s office limits the patient health information employees can view based on their role
* The information on MyChart has the same amount of confidentiality as all other medical records kept by my pediatrician’s office. I can get a copy of my pediatrician’s office's privacy statement and Notice of Privacy Practices for more information
* I am required to create a unique User ID and password
* I agree to keep this User ID and password confidential. I know that anyone with access to my User ID and password can view my health information. They will be able to add to my health information and message my pediatrician’s office as if they are me
* I should change my MyChart password often
* My pediatrician’s office is not responsible for damages that may come from a breach of confidentiality that is caused by me sharing or losing my password
* Every time I log into MyChart my User ID is logged in an audit trail
* My pediatrician’s office has set up the following security features:
- Encryption: My pediatrician’s office uses 128-bit Secure Socket Layer to encrypt the communication from my web browser to my pediatrician’s office’s secure web server
- Dedicated web server for MyChart: My pediatrician’s office separates the web server and electronic medical record machines. In the unlikely event that my pediatrician’s office’s server is compromised, no health information would be exposed since it is not saved on the web server.
Patient information is stored only in the electronic medical record, behind a firewall - No Caching on the client side: Temporary caching of data in the browser is allowed to improve user experience but does not allow a follow-on user to view pages that had previously been viewed while using MyChart
- Firewall: Personal health information is stored in the secure electronic medical record, protected from the Internet by a firewall
- Session Timeout: After a period of inactivity, the logon session will time out
- Monitoring: My pediatrician’s office monitors the web server for evidence of break-in attempts and applies the latest security fixes as they become available
Cancelling MyChart Access
I understand that:
* My pediatrician’s office may cancel my MyChart account if I do not follow these Terms and Conditions
* Access to MyChart is provided by my pediatrician’s office as a convenience. My pediatrician’s office has the right to turn off access to MyChart at any time, for any reason
* I may cancel this consent and turn off my MyChart account at any time by giving a written request to my pediatrician’s office
* I know I cannot withdraw information that my pediatrician’s office had shared before I told my pediatrician’s office to stop
* If my access to MyChart is cancelled I will use other communication methods (e.g., telephone) to access my pediatrician’s office
I understand that this approval will not end until I send a written letter to my pediatrician’s office asking to cancel my account. Once I am no longer a patient of my pediatrician’s office I will not be able to use my MyChart account.
By clicking “Accept” below I agree that I understand the terms and conditions for a MyChart account.